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I want YOU for a GUEST POST on Again She Wrote!

Hey y’all! No new blog post this week : ( I’ve been busy working the Iowa State Fair and haven’t been able to devote much time to writing a quality piece and I don’t want to give you guys something half written when I was half asleep.

In light of this issue, I have cooked up a thought: What if I ask you guys to help?

I would love to be able to feature you as a guest poster on my blog! And I don’t mean just the fancy writers out there, I mean YOU. Whether you’ve written thousands of articles or not a single one!

Some more information you may need:

  • topic of literary, writing, reading, or study/productivity in any capacity
  • no limit on how many you send in
  • try to keep reading length between 5-10 minutes (it’s okay if this varies a bit)
  • if you want to include specific pictures send me those along with a link or citation for the source (don’t wanna get in trouble!)
  • this will be an unpaid post, but byline will be included (picture and social links if you wish as well)

I’m hoping to do this regularly, but interest will decide how frequently!

Jeanotderivative work: Ju gatsu mikka (^o^) appelez moi Ju (^o^), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Send to: | GUEST POST in the subject line!

MUST Include:

  • Name you wish for the byline
  • Where people can contact you at/primary social media

Optional Additions:

  • Attach each photo (labeled) and include the sources in the email body
    • Commercial use or your own
  • Author Picture for the byline
  • Additional social media handles
  • Preferred Pronouns

For a Book Review:

  • Full Title
  • Author
  • If a series, which series
  • Genre
  • Overall Rating out of 5

If you want to follow my review guidelines, I try to discuss Characters, Writing, Style, Enjoyment, and Plot. You do not have to follow this, it’s just a guideline if your stuck!


How to Read on a Budget

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Picture this: You drive to Barnes and Noble. You mind yourself “I am only here for 1 book (insert book you saw on booktok or bookstagram) and I will only be getting that 1 book”.

Of course, the book would be at the very back of the store. As you head over you walk by the New Arrivals and see one of your favorite author’s new book came out last week. You grab it, one extra book won’t hurt and you were going to get it later anyways.

Then you pass the classics and spot that one you keep saying you’ve been wanting to read is on sale. Maybe if you have it you’ll finally get around to it, so you grab it.

And the process repeats itself over and over again until you end up with 16 books, 3 cute notebooks you definitely won’t be writing in, and a tote that says My Weekend is All Booked. . .

Keeping up your book collection can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Use Kindle Unlimited or other book subscriptions

While kindle unlimited costs $10 a month, you gain access to over 1 million titles of books, magazines, and audiobooks.

BONUS: Squeeze win extra reading times out and about by downloading the kindle app, available on IOS, Android, Mac, and PC!

Goodwill and Other Thrift Stores

It never hurts to check out the books donated at Goodwill or other thrift stores when you get a chance. I have gotten so many books in pretty decent conditions for as little as $1. My copy of Pride, Prejudice and Zombies I got for $1 and I found a word cloud copy Pride and Prejudice for $2 (at different times)!

Shop at Local and Used Bookstores

Shop at smaller, local or used bookstores. Used books are cheaper, yet just as good as a new book. I actually prefer getting my books used when I can. After all, the beat up books are the most read and loved.

Your Local Library

The easiest and probably best way to save money on reading is simply, utilizing the library. They will most likely have the book you want to read, especially if it’s a more popular book. Most libraries are apart of interlibrary loan where they can contact other libraries to borrow it from for you to read. The best part? Absolutely free, you just got to remember to return it on time!

Your library may also have accounts with apps for your phone. My personal library uses libby, which allows members to checkout ebooks and audiobooks!

Do you have any other tips to reading on a budget? Share them to help other book nerds on a dime!

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