Review Policy

After all categories have been rated individually, they will be summed up and the average will be the rating of the book (half points rated up on the blog, but goodreads will be rated down) I will also include, if needed, any content warnings at the beginning of the review.

The Individual Categories (located at the end of reviews) are:

CHARACTER: Uniqueness of characters, how realistically they act, if they stay true to character throughout the text and does not make illogical changes or decisions (for that individual character – I realize some characters are just lovable dummies but please, make the decisions THEY make, make it one they WOULD make)

SETTING: If the setting is clear or unclear, how easy it is for myself to imagine or suck the reader into the world along with how logical and feasable the setting is for fantasy pieces.

WRITING: The writing style of the author, if bits of the author can be found in the text; uniqueness.

PLOT: Rates the interest and logic of the plot. Timeline makes sense, if it flows nicely and not all over the place. Simply put, if the plot makes sense for each particular story.

ENJOYMENT: This is a personal rating on my feelings toward the text. The enjoyment rating is my own engagement into the text. (Just because I enjoyed a book does not nessecarily mean it was well written or vice versa – this is just my own personal feelings)

and last but definetly not least, Recommend: yes or no, will I recommend, simple enough answer

*I will not review books that I consider dnf-ed, as I do not think it would be fair to judge something I have not fully read.*

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