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How To Add a DNF Shelf on Goodreads

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One of, if not the most, popular tools among readers is the website, Goodreads. Goodreads allows users to track reading, rate books, connect with other readers and authors, and recommends books all in one place.

You can even create bookshelves to organize your books (Mine include audiobooks, book challenges, school books, summer reading, etc).

A new Goodreads account starts with three exclusive shelves, Want to Read, Currently Reading, and Read. Because these are mutually exlusive, books can only be on one of these shelves. Any book can be on an unlimited number of non-exclusive shelves.

In an earlier post, I had discussed why I believe it is important to DNF certain books, but how do you track these? One solution is to simply make a new shelf and label it DNF.

However, Goodreads requires a book to be in one of the original shelves as well, and a book I started but didn’t finish doesn’t really fit in those categories. Wanting to Read: I don’t really want to read it anymore. Currently Reading: I’m not. Read: I didn’t read it and I don’t believe it should count for my reading goal if I didn’t finish it.

The only seemingly valid answer: create a new Did Not Finish exlusive shelf. Here’s how I did it.


You’ll want to get to MY BOOKS on Goodreads. 

"My books" is located at the top left of the goodread's homepage
It should be noted that you have to do this on a web browser as opposed to the app.
"(edit)" is in the top left to the right of Bookshelves under the My Books header

When you get there, you’ll want to select the (Edit) next to Bookshelves


Create your “Did Not Finish” or another shelf name.

"Add" is to the right of the bar "add a shelf", additional information about exclusive shelves can be read to the right of the screen

When you are at this point, Goodreads also has a section on additional information about exclusive shelves!


Simply select the box marking your new shelf as exclusive!

Exclusive is the 3rd column of check boxes

And there you have it, it really is that simple! Oh and, while you’re at it, you might as well friend me on Goodreads here!

If you have any tips or tricks to Goodreads, let us know in the comments!

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